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  • Decadent French Macarons

  • Our Macarons are dairy free, gluten free, and kosher! Delivered straight to your door!

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Since 1988, La Marguerite & Co. has been setting the standard of excellence in recreating authentic Pareve Kosher French pastries & Macarons using only the best ingredients. Our pastry Chefs gained their experience in the most prestigious and finest hotels and institutions around the world. Our professional cake artisans create these gourmet dessert delicacies with a lot of love, passion and great attention to detail. Taste the harmony of perfectly balanced flavors and textures, and let the blissful experience linger beyond the last bite.When elegance rhymes with gourmet.

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La Marguerite & Co., the specialist in authentic high end French macarons. Our pastry chefs craftsmanship ensure the freshness and quality of these meringue-based confections that melt in your mouth. Soft, colorful, pillowy, and delicately flavored, our macarons come in many fragrances and beautiful shimmering colors, from classic chocolate decadent to salted caramel to pistachio to the wildly fanciful passion fruit. It only takes a few grams to set all our senses ablaze. Always gluten free, always dairy free, and always delicious!

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